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Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program strives to produce quality, import-bloodline, working line German shepherds with intelligence, stable nerves, courage and good health for steadfast guardianship of your family and home and/or sport work, if that's your goal.

The German shepherd dog is an intelligent, energetic working breed.  As such, they require proper rearing and training during their formative months, as well as responsible leadership on the part of their owners.  We are here to help you every step of the way. 


To help you and your puppy achieve the best start on your journey together, each of our puppies comes with our 5-week Puppy Kindergarten course--free of charge (normally $200).  You also receive (free of charge) access to our online beginning puppy obedience imprinting training videos, which you can start as soon as you receive your puppy.  Our Basic and Advanced Obedience training, or sport work, are additional services that are available for you and your puppy thereafter. 

If you're looking for a lazy German shepherd, you won't find it here.  If, however, you're looking for a self-confident, intelligent, interactive, and devoted companion who will make you smile every day, then give us a call.

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