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Hera is an Ivon von der Staatsmacht granddaughter.  She is a medium-sized, agile, bi-color female.   She is self-confident, devoted, and affectionate.  She is good with children and other dogs.   She has natural prey instincts and loves to play with a ball or tug.  She is an excellent mother and protective guardian of family and home.

Dam:  Hera vom Fuerlands

Hips:  OFA Good

Elbows:  OF
A Normal


Dam: Ealga von der Nord Kuste

Hips:  OFA Good

Elbows:  OFA Normal


Ealga is a medium-size strongly built solid black female.  Her temperament is very energetic, self-confident and strong-willed.  She has pronounced natural instincts, with high prey/play drive, and is gung ho in her protection work with quick strikes and solid grips. She is confident socially and is good with children and other dogs.  She is a stable, protective guardian of family and home.  Ealga was whelped from our breeding program.  She is a Cuffs daughter.

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