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Stud Dog


Sire:  Cuffs vom Feuerlands, IGP3

Hips:  OFA Good  

Elbows:  OFA Normal

DM:  Clear/Normal

Cuffs is a medium-large athletic, dark sable male with strong natural instincts and super prey and retrieve drives.   He is interactive, devoted, and quick to learn.  Any form of toy can be used as a reward in obedience.  His hunt drive is excellent and he is committed in his tracking work.  He is serious in his protection work with a very fast blind search, and intense and committed bark and hold.  His grips are solid.  He is handler/owner trained.  

He loves sport work, but he isn't just a sport dog.  He is equally intense in his territorial drives and guardianship of our home and family.  Although he is very serious when alerting, once he is called off, he is safe to have around visitors.

He is good with other dogs and cats, and is a kind and nurturing father to his puppies.  

Cuffs is a Terror v.d. Staatsmacht son.  

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